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About the Company

1952 – Zahid Hussain, the 1st Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan brought together leading industrialists of the newly established country realising the need for a Pakistani insurer – a crucial component for a young, bourgeoning economy. This event set into motion the conception of Premier Insurance, a company with a vision of serving the nation.

Today, the company remains steadfast by its founding principles. It is a leading insurer listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange having earned numerous Top Companies’ Awards. Premier Insurance is a member of the Insurance Association of Pakistan, a member of the Management Association of Pakistan and is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Our business spans the country, provides services to clients across all economic sectors and offers products in all classes of general insurance. Premier Insurance employs exceedingly proficient management that enables the company to remain competitive, growing and at the cutting edge of technology.

It is our historical practice of striving to achieve prompt settlement of even the largest claims that has allowed us to build relationships lasting generations, with some of the oldest institutions of Pakistan, and attract new clients seeking to prosper in the modern economy.

With our values firmly anchored in our founders’ objective of serving the nation, we are committed to maintaining and forever building upon our tradition of excellence in all that we do.


NTN: 0712369-8
Registration No.: 0000537

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